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358. Jan 26 AM Discovery Saturday Workshop: Science in the Kitchen, The Perfect Recipe


Discovery Saturday Workshops


Apply the scientific method in the kitchen by designing and testing your own recipe for hot chocolate. Learn about the different properties of common ingredients in chocolate chip cookies. Then, create your own perfect, scientifically-tested, chocolate chip cookie recipe that will even impress Grandma!

Fun for the Whole Family | 10:30 - 12:00 PM | Saturday, Jan. 26 | Limit 12 | $10 Regular / $9 Member

Purchase a Creator Band, which gives full access to all Discovery Saturday activities (art & science exhibits, planetarium shows, hands-on maker space activities) as well as admission to the workshop by clicking HERE
Tickets are required for everyone 2 years and older. Students under 13 must be accompanied by a Registered Adult for Discovery Saturday Workshop.

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